Good morning!

Wake up! Wake up! One more day and hen you may relax and enjoy the holiday weekend. I want you to remember those is who sacrificed  iced themselves for our freedom.  I Love our country.  Proud to be an American. 

For over 3 decades, individuals have walked and raised funds to fight against AIDS. The walk took place inside Central Park in New York City. From 55th street and 5th ave to 108th Street and Riverside Drive, we marched through the pavement of NYC proud. The great people from Quest Diagonistics and NYPD Explorers help volunteer amongst others.  Overall, I felt very proud to support a movement and actually make a difference in my community.  If you would like more info on the event or would like to donate, visit here. For more photos, visit my Facebook 

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MGM – Mean Green Machine Smoothie

Good afternoon,

Hope last night wasn’t too hard on you. This is a simple smoothie I usually make to get the day brewing.

nutribullet blend rx web


  • Kale (good stuff guys)
  • Carrots
  • Pears
  • Honey
  • Cucumbers
  • 1/2 Cup Apple Juice
  • Mint Leaves

Throw all of those ingredients in the Nutribullet Rx system and make sure I get all of the fruits and vegetables. When making smoothies, I find it great to try different ingredients that would have a synergistic effect on our bodies; for example, did you know garlic is a natural blood pressure reliever? Research and try things. It’s pretty cool. Oh yeah, I took this shoot with my new 50 mm 1.8G. Lets see how it works out!



Have an awesome day! 

Branch Brook Park – Newark, NJ Cherry Blossoms, Part 2

Hey Guys!

Hope the week is going well for you all ! I’ve been pretty busy or at least trying to keep myself busy. Here are the part 2 pictures from the Patricia Chambers Cherry Blossoms Grove at Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ. I am proud to be from jersey when you learn that your local county park is the oldest in America. Also, they have the most Cherry Blossoms in this side of the hemisphere, totaling over 4,000. You can even see in the metal tags on each tree. If you’re visiting Northern New Jersey or New York City, come stop by for pictures and a lovely afternoon stroll.

Enjoy! and don’t forget to visit my portfolio if you would like to book me for your event!

cherry blossoms - newark, new jersey 2

cherry blossoms - newark, new jersey 1
cherry blossoms - newark, new jersey 4

cherry blossoms - newark, new jersey 3

Spring Has Sprung!

Hello friends,

I know it has been spring for a couple weeks, but the weather is getting better in the northeast and the buds are budding. haha.

Today’s post is part 1 of my annual Newark’s Cherry Blossom Festival blog post. I enjoy going to the park and checking out the natural blossoming of the Cherry Blossom. Branchbrook Park in Newark, NJ is one of the nations oldest county parks and has an astounding collection of over 4, 000 cherry blossoms.

As the sun sets, enjoy the silhouette and welcome spring.

Stay tuned for more pictures coming soon…


Food Friday!

Hey Gang!

Long week? Well relax, it’s Friday! Go and enjoy the spring weather. If your in the NYC metro area, keep warm haha. Weird weather! People had skirts on last Saturday. All week has been warm jackets. haha.

Today’s post is about food! Cooking is good for the soul. I went in the fridge and found whatever I laid my eyes on and made a decent meal. I never cook eggplants but I wanted to give it a try. I diced and mashed up some garlic and parsley, added some salt a pepper and managed to get a good sear on them. Then split open some maple sausage and seared that up too. Added a spring salad and fiber toast and then it was done. Check it out!

ohhh, let me know if you think I should start a food blog.  Enjoy your weekend guys and gals!

The Spring “Hook-Up” Snack

plate 1


  • One Half of an Eggplant
  • Slices of Sausage
  • Spring Salad
  • Slices of Toasted Bread

Someone Smells Sausage haha


Portrait Tuesdayyy!

Good Afternoon!

Hope your Tuesday is going splendid. Today’s portrait is from a retirement party I took pictures for, Mr. Foster. Foster served Rutgers University for decades and had a great send out party. He seemed like a loved man from all his peers and I wanted to capture that. I made him an awesome photo album of the event; later, purchased another cause loved the work and creativity.

Here in the picture is two brothers, Big bro and little bro. Love your family, they are the only family you have until they are gone. Fight, laugh and hug.

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Family Portrait Friday


Today is a new day! With a week full of bad news, I still remain positive. We all have set backs in our life; however, we can’t let them pull us down. Sometimes, you just need a family to help pull you up. Families are important to me.

Family is the people that will be there for you when no one will. Family will spoon feed you those same words of encouragement that you have fed them through their lowest moments. I think this Friday is a dedication to family. They don’t have to be blood to be your family, they just have to love you unconditionally to be your family–and vice versa.

This shoot, located at Verona Park in New Jersey, was for a client of mine that had an ARMY of sons; furthermore, she basically has starting five! During our shoot, you could see the love Josephine and her family had. I really enjoyed taking their pictures. That day will be remembered because I helped create pristine memories that they could look at ever day in their living room. Contact me if you would like me to take pictures of your family.

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