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Hey guys,

Happy post Mother’s Day syndrome. Haha. My mom said happy mothers week not day. So this post is for my mama. She’s one of the best people I know I know personally in this word. I wish I could be half the person she is, shows how much of a great person she is. She still feeds me. Doesn’t cloth me but I’m sure It would be a cruel world without her. I’m glad god and opportunity brought us together. I strive for greatness because of role models like her. I love you mom. Thank you


*Baba Omari 

*in African culture, we are named after other people or given house names  

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Family Portrait Friday


Today is a new day! With a week full of bad news, I still remain positive. We all have set backs in our life; however, we can’t let them pull us down. Sometimes, you just need a family to help pull you up. Families are important to me.

Family is the people that will be there for you when no one will. Family will spoon feed you those same words of encouragement that you have fed them through their lowest moments. I think this Friday is a dedication to family. They don’t have to be blood to be your family, they just have to love you unconditionally to be your family–and vice versa.

This shoot, located at Verona Park in New Jersey, was for a client of mine that had an ARMY of sons; furthermore, she basically has starting five! During our shoot, you could see the love Josephine and her family had. I really enjoyed taking their pictures. That day will be remembered because I helped create pristine memories that they could look at ever day in their living room. Contact me if you would like me to take pictures of your family.

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