Good morning!

Wake up! Wake up! One more day and hen you may relax and enjoy the holiday weekend. I want you to remember those is who sacrificed  iced themselves for our freedom.  I Love our country.  Proud to be an American. 

For over 3 decades, individuals have walked and raised funds to fight against AIDS. The walk took place inside Central Park in New York City. From 55th street and 5th ave to 108th Street and Riverside Drive, we marched through the pavement of NYC proud. The great people from Quest Diagonistics and NYPD Explorers help volunteer amongst others.  Overall, I felt very proud to support a movement and actually make a difference in my community.  If you would like more info on the event or would like to donate, visit here. For more photos, visit my Facebook 

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What To Eat Wednesday! Brother Jimmy’s PRESS’D BOURBON BRISKET SANDWICH

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone has been well. Happy Hump Day Wednesday! Today’s post is about a wonderful sandwich combo that I had recently at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Restaurant. This restaurant is located in Midtown Manhattan, right next to Madison Square Garden in New York City. This outstanding sandwich is one of my favorite go to sandwiches after a long visit at the camera shop, B & H Photo.

The Sandwich

This sandwich freshly slice smoked brisket, pressed in cheddar cheese; each bite, the gooey cheese pulls and elopes from your grasp. Then there is a complimenting bowl of crisp sweet potato tots! Delicious with every chew. You slap on some of their spicy ketchup on each bite, it enhances your chew.

The Service

Brother Jimmy’s is a stand-up BBQ spot. You get your money’s worth. The waiters and waitresses have outstanding character and very quick to serve. BRIGHT SMILE and will keep you laughing.


If you’re visiting NYC, stop by one of Brother Jimmy’s restaurants and enjoy some nice BBQ food and have a great time! Ohh, tell Rachel that Eric sent you, you might get a surprise. haha

Stay tuned! Will be posting more from my NYC excursions and other various restaurants I visit. I’m going to put you guys on good food for your buck!



Family Portrait Friday


Today is a new day! With a week full of bad news, I still remain positive. We all have set backs in our life; however, we can’t let them pull us down. Sometimes, you just need a family to help pull you up. Families are important to me.

Family is the people that will be there for you when no one will. Family will spoon feed you those same words of encouragement that you have fed them through their lowest moments. I think this Friday is a dedication to family. They don’t have to be blood to be your family, they just have to love you unconditionally to be your family–and vice versa.

This shoot, located at Verona Park in New Jersey, was for a client of mine that had an ARMY of sons; furthermore, she basically has starting five! During our shoot, you could see the love Josephine and her family had. I really enjoyed taking their pictures. That day will be remembered because I helped create pristine memories that they could look at ever day in their living room. Contact me if you would like me to take pictures of your family.

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Dhani’s 1st Birthday Party #tbt

Hello friends,

I hope you’ve had a great week. Easter Sunday is coming and do you have your outfit ready? Well at least for your kids. haha. This throwback thursday will be about a first birthday party that I was proud to take pictures for. Little Dhani was amazing shoot for cause he was himself. I just allowed myself to be there to capture the moment. The King of The Bouncing Castle! Horayyy! Ahoy! and If you are in need of photographer, I travel. Just contact me to book me.


Check out my Pet Photography #throwbackthursday 

Hello Gang!

Happy Thursday! One more day left in the weekday. Can you feel the weekend brewing??? Well I hope you are grinding through work and ready to relax and play this weekend. Check out this portrait shot I took of a cool female boxer, Reesie. She was fascinated with my camera, so I decided to take her portrait while she tilted her head and looked at me. She was one of my best muses. Hahaha.

So check out the shot and let me know what you think. 

 pet portrait photography