What To Eat Wednesday! Brother Jimmy’s PRESS’D BOURBON BRISKET SANDWICH

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone has been well. Happy Hump Day Wednesday! Today’s post is about a wonderful sandwich combo that I had recently at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Restaurant. This restaurant is located in Midtown Manhattan, right next to Madison Square Garden in New York City. This outstanding sandwich is one of my favorite go to sandwiches after a long visit at the camera shop, B & H Photo.

The Sandwich

This sandwich freshly slice smoked brisket, pressed in cheddar cheese; each bite, the gooey cheese pulls and elopes from your grasp. Then there is a complimenting bowl of crisp sweet potato tots! Delicious with every chew. You slap on some of their spicy ketchup on each bite, it enhances your chew.

The Service

Brother Jimmy’s is a stand-up BBQ spot. You get your money’s worth. The waiters and waitresses have outstanding character and very quick to serve. BRIGHT SMILE and will keep you laughing.


If you’re visiting NYC, stop by one of Brother Jimmy’s restaurants and enjoy some nice BBQ food and have a great time! Ohh, tell Rachel that Eric sent you, you might get a surprise. haha

Stay tuned! Will be posting more from my NYC excursions and other various restaurants I visit. I’m going to put you guys on good food for your buck!




Food Friday!

Hey Gang!

Long week? Well relax, it’s Friday! Go and enjoy the spring weather. If your in the NYC metro area, keep warm haha. Weird weather! People had skirts on last Saturday. All week has been warm jackets. haha.

Today’s post is about food! Cooking is good for the soul. I went in the fridge and found whatever I laid my eyes on and made a decent meal. I never cook eggplants but I wanted to give it a try. I diced and mashed up some garlic and parsley, added some salt a pepper and managed to get a good sear on them. Then split open some maple sausage and seared that up too. Added a spring salad and fiber toast and then it was done. Check it out!

ohhh, let me know if you think I should start a food blog.  Enjoy your weekend guys and gals!

The Spring “Hook-Up” Snack

plate 1


  • One Half of an Eggplant
  • Slices of Sausage
  • Spring Salad
  • Slices of Toasted Bread

Someone Smells Sausage haha


What Did I Eat While On The Beach? #food #miami #beach

While in South Beach and Cocoa Beach, i got a chance to dine on the beach and enjoy good food for a exceptional price. If $15 meals, and $7 appetizers are up your alley, you would like to visit these places. First up, is the Coconuts On The Beach . I managed to get a fine Chipolte Chicken Sandwich with Bacon and Sweet Potato fries. With a $3 jack and coke, i was filling great! Not to forget the awesome grilled shrimp skewers.

After the food at Coconuts, I had some good ole South Beach classic food. I visited a spot called Joe’s Stone Crab. A classic spot, open since 1913, tops any crab shack i have been too. The even deliver to your door. Free wine and cheese! Come on! Excellent service, food, portions, and also FOOD! This a spot where you get what you pay for. Seafood is their specialty and they have an awesome selection of lobster rolls, crab rolls, etc… I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE. Trust me


CJ’s Crab Shack on Ocean Dr in South Beach. Awesome Food. I had mean steak sandwich made from premium rib eye, delicious.

Well, there it is. I have more places i will visit in the near, near future. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to hit my facebook like button.

Cheers mates! Enjoy the weekend and the drink!

Where have you been Eazy?!?!

Hello gang, i am back from the lakes of minatonka! I feel revived and fresh full of many ideas and plenty to share. So the main question is “where have you been Eazy???” Well, I’ve been focusing on my craft and taking a black and white FILM course. Yes, film. It was one of the best decision I have ever made in my life and I might even take the second course. So i have been developing, capturing, developing and capturing and so on (the brief, condensed version of processing film). Even though it has been time consuming, i have really learn what it means to be passionate about your craft; also, the difference between a good print and a great print–very minimal. So here are some some instagram (follow me: eazyland) shots of the life i have been living.

Yeah so this is what I have been doing. I hope you enjoy the insight and i will plenty of more prints to come. Just take time to enjoy the little things in life. Stay thirsty and eat healthy my friends. So make you sure follow me on twitter and instagram (eazyland). CHEERS!!!

chicken salad sandwhich made by me.

  • Premium Chicken Breast
  • Cracked Pepper Olive Oil Mayo
  • American Cheese
  • Chopped Baby Greens Salad


In D.C. Chilling!

D.C. was great! Over the weekend, I choose to celebrate my friend’s birthday in the nation’s capitol. We started friday night at one of D.C.’s premiere location  The Park at Fourteenth. The next day we dined in Georgetown and had a blast with all the visuals and lifestyle. The last day went to a couple  boutiques, one was Commonwealth(great gear all the time) and then finished it off with some of D.C.’s finest Latin Cuisine at El Tamarindo. Be sure to enjoy the pictures and for more, visit my tumblr. http://www.eazyland.tumblr.com

surfs up!