Food Friday!

Hey Gang!

Long week? Well relax, it’s Friday! Go and enjoy the spring weather. If your in the NYC metro area, keep warm haha. Weird weather! People had skirts on last Saturday. All week has been warm jackets. haha.

Today’s post is about food! Cooking is good for the soul. I went in the fridge and found whatever I laid my eyes on and made a decent meal. I never cook eggplants but I wanted to give it a try. I diced and mashed up some garlic and parsley, added some salt a pepper and managed to get a good sear on them. Then split open some maple sausage and seared that up too. Added a spring salad and fiber toast and then it was done. Check it out!

ohhh, let me know if you think I should start a food blog.  Enjoy your weekend guys and gals!

The Spring “Hook-Up” Snack

plate 1


  • One Half of an Eggplant
  • Slices of Sausage
  • Spring Salad
  • Slices of Toasted Bread

Someone Smells Sausage haha



2 thoughts on “Food Friday!

  1. Of you should start a food blog! Or maybe you can add a page here for recipes?

    Anyways, this particular meal is so simple but it really takes a good palate to put it together!
    Love garlic and parsley sauce! Next time try adding bit of lemon juice, and coriander.. Yum!


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