MGM – Mean Green Machine Smoothie

Good afternoon,

Hope last night wasn’t too hard on you. This is a simple smoothie I usually make to get the day brewing.

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  • Kale (good stuff guys)
  • Carrots
  • Pears
  • Honey
  • Cucumbers
  • 1/2 Cup Apple Juice
  • Mint Leaves

Throw all of those ingredients in the Nutribullet Rx system and make sure I get all of the fruits and vegetables. When making smoothies, I find it great to try different ingredients that would have a synergistic effect on our bodies; for example, did you know garlic is a natural blood pressure reliever? Research and try things. It’s pretty cool. Oh yeah, I took this shoot with my new 50 mm 1.8G. Lets see how it works out!



Have an awesome day! 


“Nothing To Eat In The Fridge” Tomato Soup!

Good afternoon my friends!

It’s a lovely Friday afternoon, shoes are off, your work shirt is getting unbuttoned and you’re trying to figure out what to do this action packed weekend. You can watch the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao. You can probably watch the immense game seven match-up between the Clippers and Spurs playoff nail-bitter. Or you can sit here and try to make a simple tomato soup when you feel sick after all that drinking and partying you’ve doing haha. This recipe is something I created from a developing palate and pure innovation with what was in my fridge.


  • 3-4 tomatoes
  • 2 cups of water
  • Dashes of cayenne, salt and pepper
  • Fresh Parsley and Oregano
  • Roasted Garlic (2-3 cloves) and Shallots
  • Croutons (Homemade wheat bread or whatever bread is at your disposal)
  • Secret Ingredient (7 seedless sweet grapes) Gives a hint of sweetness

Finished Product

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Not bad for my first ever tomato soup huh! I must add, I used the Nutribullet System to converge this flavor packed soup and it’s so amazing. I hope you guys love this post and please share it and enjoy your weekend!

If you are every in Northern New Jersey or New York City and need an awesome photographer, reach out to me and contact me! I also travel as well.

Food Friday!

Hey Gang!

Long week? Well relax, it’s Friday! Go and enjoy the spring weather. If your in the NYC metro area, keep warm haha. Weird weather! People had skirts on last Saturday. All week has been warm jackets. haha.

Today’s post is about food! Cooking is good for the soul. I went in the fridge and found whatever I laid my eyes on and made a decent meal. I never cook eggplants but I wanted to give it a try. I diced and mashed up some garlic and parsley, added some salt a pepper and managed to get a good sear on them. Then split open some maple sausage and seared that up too. Added a spring salad and fiber toast and then it was done. Check it out!

ohhh, let me know if you think I should start a food blog.  Enjoy your weekend guys and gals!

The Spring “Hook-Up” Snack

plate 1


  • One Half of an Eggplant
  • Slices of Sausage
  • Spring Salad
  • Slices of Toasted Bread

Someone Smells Sausage haha



Good day to you all. TGIF. Aren’t you glad it’s Friday? Today’s post is part two of the WPPI, seminars, expos and pictures from Hakkasan where Rev Run killed it. During the time at the expo, I stopped by awesome stations; however, I liked the Nikon School the most. The focused on the basics in portrait photography and gave the little hits help increase our qualities. During the conference I attended various seminars but the one that intrigued me most was from Rob Greer. He was a knowledgeable, down to earth photographer; consequently, his insight has given me a boost. Sometimes all we need is boost to get things going again. I’m also thankful for all the presenters and inspirational speakers at the Photo Ignite session; there, photographers had 5 minutes to ignite us and they that gracefully. Here are some more iphone 4s shots of my time there. Oh yeah, did I mention I love sushi? haha

expo 1 IMG_6484 expo 2 sushi hk 1 hk3 hk2 booth 5 mgm1


This past week I have making my physical life better. Slowed down on the drinking and now focusing on the healthy aspects of life. Nothing better than some first. So made myself a homemade strawberry-lime ice tea.


Today, I decided to hit up the beach with my friend Andres. We first had to try this awesome Sushi place called Sawa Steakhouse. Couple steps from the beach and we are in there. Awesome spot, try the food. All pictures are taken from my iphone and instagram.

Nigori Sake

Cheers Mates!

Avocado Salad

Avocado & garden green with ginger dressing

Angry Dragon

Crispy shrimp tempura, spicy tuna & papaya inside,  topped with crabmeat & nuta sauce 

Ocean 68 Roll

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado & kaiware inside Topped with crispy salmon, soy glazed & wasabi mayonnaise 

Out of Control 

Tuna, yellowtail, salmon & avocado with  eel sauce, spicy miso & mayonnaise on top 


Land & Sea Roll

Tuna, salmon, scallion, avocado inside, topped with seared kobe beef, rice cereal, wasabi salt & truffle teriyaki sauce 


Best Taste: Land & Sea Roll