Good day to you all. TGIF. Aren’t you glad it’s Friday? Today’s post is part two of the WPPI, seminars, expos and pictures from Hakkasan where Rev Run killed it. During the time at the expo, I stopped by awesome stations; however, I liked the Nikon School the most. The focused on the basics in portrait photography and gave the little hits help increase our qualities. During the conference I attended various seminars but the one that intrigued me most was from Rob Greer. He was a knowledgeable, down to earth photographer; consequently, his insight has given me a boost. Sometimes all we need is boost to get things going again. I’m also thankful for all the presenters and inspirational speakers at the Photo Ignite session; there, photographers had 5 minutes to ignite us and they that gracefully. Here are some more iphone 4s shots of my time there. Oh yeah, did I mention I love sushi? haha

expo 1 IMG_6484 expo 2 sushi hk 1 hk3 hk2 booth 5 mgm1


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