What Did I Eat While On The Beach? #food #miami #beach

While in South Beach and Cocoa Beach, i got a chance to dine on the beach and enjoy good food for a exceptional price. If $15 meals, and $7 appetizers are up your alley, you would like to visit these places. First up, is the Coconuts On The Beach . I managed to get a fine Chipolte Chicken Sandwich with Bacon and Sweet Potato fries. With a $3 jack and coke, i was filling great! Not to forget the awesome grilled shrimp skewers.

After the food at Coconuts, I had some good ole South Beach classic food. I visited a spot called Joe’s Stone Crab. A classic spot, open since 1913, tops any crab shack i have been too. The even deliver to your door. Free wine and cheese! Come on! Excellent service, food, portions, and also FOOD! This a spot where you get what you pay for. Seafood is their specialty and they have an awesome selection of lobster rolls, crab rolls, etc… I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE. Trust me


CJ’s Crab Shack on Ocean Dr in South Beach. Awesome Food. I had mean steak sandwich made from premium rib eye, delicious.

Well, there it is. I have more places i will visit in the near, near future. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to hit my facebook like button.

Cheers mates! Enjoy the weekend and the drink!


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