Musical Monday

Good afternoon friends,

Hope everyone has been well. Sorry for being distant; I’ve been hidden underneath a rock in Newark figuring out my next diabolical plans to take over the world. mwhahahaha. sikeee.

On a serious note, I’ve been spending time pondering but how I can concur my world. People may not understand how hard it is to run things yourself, let alone consistently. I feel like a writer with writer’s block on a verge of writing an award winning piece but with no ink and massive potential.

“Most of the time, the answers we search for everyday are written on the back of the piece of paper you’ve been waiving around while searching for the answers. WE already have the answers. Just turn your paper over.”

– Erick Ogada, Regular Dude

Today’s piece is on a cellist out of Midtown Mahattan, Erik Jacobson, playing at the Highline in Chelsea, Manhattan. I was wrapping up a shoot near by with a client. In a way, his music help me take some of my best shots, indirectly. I came by, gave him a tip and asked to take some picture. Once finished, he gave me his card, and I later sent him his photos. He can find Erik Jacbson during the summer donned out in his tux and playing for the public. Make sure you drop a tip and tell Erik that Erick sent you. haha. Enjoy!

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Cheers mates!