Oh I miss you so much. I need to get on a plane and visit another Central American nation. Passport expires in May, at least one more stamp before I retire her. Here is one of my favorite shots I took  last year at a rest stop in Costa Rica. I saw this young woman walking down the road with her Jordan sneakers and iPad. Then I saw the speed limit sign and the hills mashing together. I had to take the shot. Just felt like she was going somewhere, like destined to achieve something. Some of the best photos are taken with minimal effort.



17 thoughts on “#THROWBACKTHURSDAY Costa Rica 2014

      1. luzthebee says:

        Eh I’m not sure about renting, the driving there intimidates me a little. I might go with a tour company or have some friends who live there do the driving lol

      2. Actually, now that you mention it. I’m gonna go with my costrican friend. His father owns various estates there, he said all i have to do is bring myself and a little spending money. Food and all that will be taken cared off. haha. Friends can help.

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