Heinenken Star Bottle #arrivebig Event @heineken_us


Last Thursday, I took my last final for the spring semester. To give myself a break, I attended a private heineken star bottle event at the Brooklyn Naval Yard. The whole set up was amazing! Black carpet roll up, tall green goddess siring ice cold beverages with a smile and private boats scooping people up every 20 minutes to keep the place flowing. The Naval warehouse was decked out with a greenery wall in the front where i used my new macro lens. The place was packed and had some celebrities as well; Wilmer Valderrama (Fez from That 70s Show below) Overall, and surprise performance by the band FUN. Enjoy the photos, more to come soon. I shall do an all macro shots blog. Feel free to comment and see the rest on my facebook page. The like button is at the bottom and here. Take care and stay thirsty. By the way, if you would like to use any images, please tag it to my page or give me credit.


Im back. Come check out some photos from the Heineken Star Bottle #arrivebig Private Party at the Brooklyn Naval Yard


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