A Day at The Park

a typical day at the park with Eazy. a visited a local park, waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom. i got some good shots of the rare flowers and even some weird ducks that like to stand one leg for Eazy, lol. check out some of my shots and enjoy some of newarks finest cherry blossoms. By the way, they have one of the largest cherry blossom festivals in the WORLD. check whats in your backyard. be sure to like my facebook page, lets see if i can get 200 likes from this post.


4 thoughts on “A Day at The Park

      1. You mean drinks like 7Up or sprite? lol. You know I don’t drink. And currently I wish I was being a phantom.. I’m away on business. Hopefully we can do something soon. And whatever happened to that documentary that I told everybody about?

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