Road Trip to Florida: Chapter 1


Last week was my spring break and i decided to take a nice long road trip to Florida. Being on the beach in Florida was awesome, the ride was not so relaxing. 20hrs+ of driving, not counting the pits stops and travels to other parts of Florida. Hope you enjoy the pictures from being inside of the car. Some good use of motion blurs and some good simple good photography.  Next Chapter will be be good, and might make your mouth water lol. Check me out and welcome to my land, EAZYLAND.


8 thoughts on “Road Trip to Florida: Chapter 1

  1. I LOVE the tunnel vision shots.. and I LOVE the “out the window” shots as well. You guys must have stopped a lot to get to Florida in 20+ hours. My family is from Florida and it usually takes us 18 hours tops. But my family is only from Panama City Beach area so that might be why,

      1. funny thing was that i never got bit until i came back to jersey. and i experience the bullshit rain clouds thing lol the heat was there but i expected that. just didnt do all the things i wanted to. next time, no stones will be left unturned

      2. Well when you go to Florida with a lot of people.. sometimes you don’t get to do everything you want. You’ll visit again and get to do everything

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