Capsule 2012 NYC + Photo Of The Week

On this past Tuesday, I got a chance to check out some of 2012’s premium clothing lines. There was loads of pleasantries but only a few i was aloud to take photos of (exclusivity). From socks and Trunks to great wool bomber jackets, everything had outstanding quality. Trunks from Onia, Men’s Contemporary socks from my friends at Richer Poorer, the waxed hat and bomber jacket from Owner Operator. The most favorite would have to be the wool bomber jacket. Perfect colorway with the raccoon button. Big thanks to New Amsterdam for serving up some tang and gaving facials/line ups for the guys–very exhilarating. Sierra Nervada provided the outdoors type of feel with the logs and wood chips as you enjoy your brew. Overall, I enjoyed meeting a lot of great people, and next week I will be at the Agenda show. Till then, be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram  (eazyland).

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Homeless man in the train station sporting one of the best coats I’ve ever seen on a homeless guy. lots of character


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