Black & White Film Photography

hello friends. so black and white film photography HERE IT IS. so over 4 months, i shot various locations to help produce quality prints. Black and White film photography is one of the hardest task i had ever done. To produce a quality print, you would have to take the correct exposure, at the correct f-stop/appeture, have a dense negative, develop the negative (30mins) wait for it to dry, then create a sheet (all the frames on a paper) the expose the frame at the correct time and contrast. BASICALLY, to make the master piece print, it would to 45mins to an hour to produce. Now imagine they use to do this back in the day, it took skill, intuition and time to create something from nothing. That task is what drew me into the class and i believe i left there with more than knowledge–i developed skill. Well, now enjoy some of my prints and enjoy. This year i will be on many journeys. Stay thirst my friends



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