Mother & Daughter Photoshoot

Last week, I got a chance to a have a photoshoot with a sensational pair: Mommy and Baby. Before she had her next one (as you can see in the pictures) she wanted to have a peaceful and connection shoot with baby Mya. Laugh, giggles and cries, we had it all. Step into my lens again, and enjoy the pictures. Be sure to tell your friends about me. Mother always said it’s not good to keep good secrets.


14 thoughts on “Mother & Daughter Photoshoot

  1. Oh bro… Your talent has definitely gone to a new level. Yes anyone can pick up a camera but to make these memories are amazing and require a talented person. I have a surprise for you so check out the blog the second week of August

  2. Wow wow! The light on mom & daughter in the first set by the water is just perfect. I like your style- very different and original and stunning. Thanks for commenting on our bog as well….lots more to come- we were too busy to keep up during the summer.

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