The Wedding of the Agudelo’s

On Memorial Day weekend, I got that watch a childhood friendship, turn into an adulthood marriage. My two childhood friends finally decided to tie the knot and all of the friends and family where there to back them up. Outdoors, spring air, summer heat, it was your typical memorial day weather and it turned out to be great. Enjoy the photos and be sure to visit my new facebook group for all the pictures and stay tuned for more. If you have inquiries, be sure to send me note.


5 thoughts on “The Wedding of the Agudelo’s

    1. Everyone is always entitled to their opinion. Even some of the greatest artist were told they’re work was shit. You keep doing what you know how to do and that is take a beautiful photo. Never let anyone’s opinion stop you

  1. Again, I agree with Kay. I would put your shot of those bubbles against anybody.I would put any of your shots against anybody. Just stay on track with your art. Remember,you don’t need to please anyone but yourself.

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